1000W Stadium Lighting Flood Light 1000w Led Light For Football Court for Football Field Basketball Court Baseball Field Arena Lighting Replacing 2000W HPS



Lowcled Lighting is powerful LED high mast light is designed to replace high power traditional lighting products, such as Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium light, High Intensity Discharge Lamp, etc., available in 400W, 600W, 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1600W, replacing MH/HPS/HID from 600W to 4000W. The light output is up to 150lm/w, more energy-saving than ever.

The compact design makes shipping and installation much easier. And excellent thermal management with cold-forging heat sink and unique heat dissipation structure makes it much better cooling system than other competitives, enables longer lifespan, almost free of maintenance.



  1. Lowcled stadium light is perfect for all kind of sports stadiums. The superior light output, reduced energy usage and possibility the use the existing infrastructure make a perfect match with many sport club’s policies.
  2. This 1000 Watt LED sports light is ideal when you need to light up large areas. It easily replaces 2000 Watt metal halide lights.
  3. High Protection Level up to IP67: Light engines and driver compartment are sealed to protect LEDs, electrical components, and terminal block against dust and moisture, increasing reliability and extending lifespan.
  4. High Impact Resistance: Meets IK08 mechanics impact protection code.
  5. Anti 17-level Wind Power: Fixture’s Low profile and pin structure effectively reduce wind load, plus light weight and high mechanics strength, the fixture has strong ability of anti-wind.
  6. High Vibration Resistance: Meets ANSI C136.31-2001 3G bridge and overpass vibration standards.
  7. Surge Suppression Protection: Optional 20KV SPD for adding an additional layer of protection for the light.
  8. 50,000 houe.rs lifetime


Model LL-PX1000
Power 1000W
Input Voltage 100-277VAC
Input Current 4.85*4
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Factor ≥0.9
Total Harmonic Distortion <20%
Color Temperature 3000-6500K
Luminous Flux 150000lm
Luminous Efficacy 150 lm/w
CRI >70
Beam Angle 25°
LED Quantity 480
Light Transmittance 0.92
IP Level IP65
Operating Temperature -40~40℃
Preservation Temperature -40~90℃
Lifespan 50,000h
Net Weight 32.2 kg
Gross Weight 34.3 kg
Carton Size 855*675*260mm

Extraordinary Thermal Management

The professional and unique pin heat sink design creates superb ventilative efficiency. Air is freely flowable among the pins in any direction, maximizing heat dissipation and lifespan of the LEDs.

Advantage of our pin heatsink: Incoming air from any direction moves approximately straight forward through the pins, bringing away heat quickly. Comparing to other typical radiant-fin heatsink, incoming air is deflected and slowed down by the radiant fins, moving heat slowly.




Stadium Lighting 1000W SIZE

Unit: mm


Stadium Flood Light is widely used at factory, tunnel, underground mine, school, hospital, parking lot, warehouse, square, supermarket, courtyard and so on.

stadium flood light application

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