L5665 Linkable LED Linear Lighting


Seamless Jointable LED linear light is exclusively designed for designer and architect with imagination and personal style. It can be longest 10 meters @110V, 15-20 meters @220V. LED linear light adopts premium aluminum profile. Different customized dimensions are also acceptable, which can meet installation requirement of different fields and occasions. Fixed inside power supply, good thermal conductivity, easy to install. The ceiling linear lamp series often mounted or hang on the ceiling, it can light up your whole room or space.


Model Power Input Voltage CCT LED LED Q’ty LM/W Beam angle Ra PF Warranty Size
LL-L5665-01 30W 200-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 288pcs 2900±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*1000mm
32W 200-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 324pcs 3150±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*1200mm
60W 200-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 576pcs 5250±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*2000mm
60W 200-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 648pcs 5750±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*2400mm
LL-L5665-02 30W 100-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 288pcs 3450±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*1000mm
36W 100-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 336pcs 4250±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*1200mm
54W 100-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 576pcs 6250±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*2000mm
60W 100-240VAC 2700K-6500K SMD2835 672pcs 6900±10% 120° >80 >0.9 3 years  56*65*2400mm

LED Linear Light is widely used in kitchens, offices, hallways, corridors, foyers, bedrooms, closets, utility work areas etc.
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