What is the effect of led street lights using solar cells?

Let’s learn about the working principle of LED street lights. LED street lights use the photovoltaic effect principle of solar cells. During the day, solar cells absorb solar photon energy to generate electricity, which is stored in the battery through the controller. When night falls or the brightness around the lamp is low to When a certain value is reached, the controller will perform a discharge operation by itself to turn on the street light and start lighting. Therefore, when purchasing LED street lights in different regions, we must pay special attention to whether the design ideas and key points of the system conform to the actual situation of the local area. Do not blindly pursue low prices just to save investment, nor blindly pursue high performance and cause waste of resources.
Precautions for the use of led street lights
1. The led street light installation should always be installed on sunny days. If it is installed on a cloudy and rainy day, it will only consume power without charging after lighting, which will not meet the drawing requirements.
2. The viewpoint of the LED street light battery panel is usually drawn by the manufacturer at an inclination of 45 degrees, so as to ensure a better charging capacity in winter.
3. Connection of led street light controller. A waterproof controller should be used as much as possible to ensure long-term stability and prevent users from changing the lighting time at will. If you use a non-waterproof controller, bend the wiring into a U shape because the terminal is facing down, which can prevent water from pouring into the controller from the wire.