Our Advantages

Quality Control From The Production End To The Client.

Lowcled lighting is an integrated manufacturer of chip packaging, lamp design, mechanical design, heat dissipation design, assembly and sales. It is one of the largest manufacturers of LED lamps in China. Our products have been rigorously tested, with quality control from the production end to the client. Our products have a 3 to 5 year warranty. Our products are worthy of your trust.

Strong Partners

We have strong suppliers of components, such as CREE, BRIDGELUX, PHILIPS, OSRAM, MEANWELL etc. to meet your needs.

One-stop Product Service

There are many kinds of products in our company, including almost all the lamps you need. Indoor lighting including led bulbs, led tube, led strip, led panel light, led grow light, led downlight. Outdoor lighting including led flood light, led street light, led high bay light, led stadium light, led canopy, led wall pack, led tri proof light. We also provide solar lighting series and Bluetooth, Wifi-supported led smart lights. Choose us, we will provide you with all lighting products you want, which will save you a lot of time to find suppliers.