SMD3014 Side View LED Strip Light IP20 IP65 IP67 Led Stripe for home decoration


  1. Adopt flexible FPC board,diverse installation.

  2. Low power consumption and little heat generated.
  3. LED light-emitting surface and PCB plane on horizontal position, other LEDchips on vertical position.
  4. Adopt new 3014 side-emitting LED chips, higher brightness.
  5. More solid and durable LED frame.
  6. DC12V or DC24V low voltage power supply.
  7. Special beam angle, applied to light boxes,cabinets,gaps with narrow installation room.


Model CCT LM/M LED Q’ty(LEDs/M) LED Type Power(W/M) Input Voltage(V) Beam angle CRI SDCM IP
LL-SV3014XW060 3000K 380 60 SMD3014 5 12/24 120° >80 <6 20/65/67
4000K 400 60
6000K 400 60
LL-SV3014XW120 3000K 800 120 SMD3014 10 12/24 120° >80 <6 20/65/67
4000K 850 120
6000K 850 120
LL-SV3014XW240 3000K 1500 240 SMD3014 20 12/24 120° >80 <6 20/65/67
4000K 1600 240
6000K 1700 240


SMD3014, Side view, 60LEDs/M

SMD3014 series, 60LEDs, LED strips, side-view size

SMD3014, Side view, 120LEDs/M, single rows

SMD3014 series, 120LEDs, LED strips, side-view size

SMD3014, Side view, 120LEDs/M, double rows

SMD3014 series, 120LEDs, LED strips, side-view DOUBLE ROWS size

SMD3014, Side view, 240LEDs/M, single row

SMD3014 series, 240LEDs, LED strips, side-view size


LED Strip Light is widely used in home and car decorations, sign, advertising signboard, public house, jewelry counter, place of entertainment, etc.